A letter from a HypnoBirthing® couple



Dear Dianne,

Even before Chris and I started seeing you, I liked everything I heard and read about HypnoBirthing®. However, I had doubts that I could learn the technique in only four sessions. I enjoyed the sessions very much not only because I felt I was learning but also because I felt that you cared. You were also excellent at helping me develop confidence in my natural birthing abilities as well as helping me get rid of my fears. Every visit with you made me feel more confident, calm and positive about the birthing of our child as well as myself as a parent and person.

The funny part is that I gave birth before we even had a chance to take our last session with you. This was my first child and I expected that my labor would start past my due date. To my surprise, my labor started two and a half weeks early. I was in active labor for 14 hours total, 12 of which I spent at home. Two hours after we arrived in the hospital I had our son in my hands. Although I had never given birth before, I felt confident and calm. I listened to the relaxation tapes and did the breathing you taught me. I had the birthing experience I had hoped for; natural and peaceful.

A few times during labor when I lost my focus for a moment, I realized how powerful what I learned from you was. I realized how confusing and awful my experience could have been had I not learned to trust my body and had I not used the relaxation techniques you taught us.

When you called to confirm I appreciated that you took the time on the phone to give me another caring reminder of the essential things to do to stay relaxed. I really appreciated that you took genuine care and did not cut anything short, quite the opposite, you always took an extra step to give us as much help as possible.

There is no question in my mind that it was largely because of our sessions with you I had a wonderful birthing experience. We will recommend the HypnoBirthing method and your excellent services to any of our friends who are expecting a child.

With love and gratitude,

Biliana Stremska, Chris Andrews
and our son Jesse Stremska-Andrews

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Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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