I Knew I Wanted to Do HypnoBirthing


I knew from the beginning that wanted to do HypnoBirthing. I have had friends use it in the past, and Iíve heard nothing but great stories about it. I approached my practice of HypnoBirthing with positive thoughts and warded off all negative comments from others, replacing them with positive thoughts to reinforce the fact that I could do this. I couldnít wait to actually give birth and experience using HypnoBirthing in its truest form to show all the ďnay-sayersĒ that it could be done. Never once throughout the entire birthing process did I experience pain. I would say that I had a lot of pressure and tension, but not pain. I equate pain with smashing your finger or the result of an injury. I wasnít injured and knew that my surges were working to bring my son into the world. As my surges increased in intensity, and I began to involuntarily bear down, I knew that HypnoBirthing was working and that it was the right choice for me. Throughout my labor I didnít really talk to anyone. I ate a bit but I wasnít really interested in food, as I was too focused. I can honestly say that I think I would have lost control had I not been using HypnoBirthing. My mom, (doula and instructor) was able to deepen me upon request (which was only once) otherwise I stayed in my own state of relaxation.  With each surge, I used my breathing and visualization of the dial releasing the endorphins and I turned it up if I needed to. As soon as I stopped surging, my brain and thoughts would go elsewhere. Though I could hear what was going on in the room, I stayed in this state of relaxation. No one knew I was surging. The only indication was that I would point my index finger of the hand that my mom was holding at the onset of a surge. Prior to getting into bed and laboring on my left side, my midwife believe my surges were about ten minutes apart, though they were actually about 3. She just couldnít tell because I was so relaxed through them, while laboring on the toilet. Once I was hooked up to the monitor, she realized they were actually much closer. My surges coupled and were about 3 minutes apart. Being that I was HypnoBirthing, and time really didnít register, it felt like they were on top of each other.  It did help during the pushing phase though, as I pushed for 3 hours total. I wasnít too excited about pushing, I really wanted to breathe my baby down, but pushing was a necessity as we needed to get his head past my cervix and his heart rate was of concern. I could go on an on about HypnoBirthing. It truly is a wonderful tool to use to naturally bring a child into the world. As soon as Jackson was born and freed of his cord, we were skin to skin, and he began to breastfeed. I would honestly say that the discomfort felt while laboring didnít even compare to the discomfort felt while recovering from the birth process.  I am very proud to say that I had my son naturally with the help of HypnoBirthing.


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Last Updated: August 17, 2012