From a Doula

Yesterday I was honored to be present to another wonderful HypnoBirthing. Dad called me at 2:00pm to say Mom was beginning to labor. At 3:00 I arrived at the mom's home to find her laying in her bed, looking very serene and goddess like, breathing through her surges. Her surges were coming every 3 minutes or so and were lasting over a minute...I told Mom that she could move to the birth center any time now. She said that she didn't want to move because she was so comfortable. The midwife confirmed that it was time to come in. We arrived at the birth center at 3:45pm. Mom quickly resumed her relaxation. An exam revealed her to be nearly complete. The midwife said "you are ready to have your baby now". Nothing more was said. Mom began to lovingly breathe her baby down. She was so wonderful in tune with her birthing instincts that she needed no instruction. A short time later she gently pressed down and her baby's head emerged. Another time and sweet baby girl was born (the time was 4:45pm). It was such a beautiful display of love and trust!

In the past 2 weeks, I have attended 4 HypnoBirths. Three of them were labors lasting less than 3  hours, with Mom arriving at the hospital/birth center complete or nearly so. The babies were born within the hour of arriving!

The fourth was longer with some minor special circumstances but was equally as joyful as Mom met the circumstances with positive determination. She literally laughed as she birthed her baby into the world. I feel so honored and thankful to witness these miracles time and time again!

Once again, I am in awe of the power of it all!!!

Vivian Keeler D.C., HBCE, CD (DONA)



Last Updated: August 17, 2012