From a Nurse

"OK I GET IT!!! This HypnoBirthing thing really works well!

I received a call at 8:18pm tonight from one of my Mom's saying that she thought that tonight the baby would be born. Her surges were 10 minutes apart and she invited me to come over to her in-laws home for dinner and dessert. It sounded as if there was a big party going on with lots of noise, laughter and children running around. I asked her if she was able to relax and she said it was difficult because there was a lot of chaos going on. I reached the house at about 8:45. She was pacing around. Her surges were now 5 minutes apart. She said she was ready to move to the hospital tonight. Mom really wanted me to ride with her so I did.

Once in the dark, quiet, backseat of the car, the surges quickly picked up. In the next few minutes Mom was breathing baby down. I took a look and saw the perineum bulging. With the next surge she said, "I HAVE to push." I again took a look and realized the baby's head was crowning. So right there on Interstate 95, a beautiful little babe slipped out (A VBAC by the way.) I placed her on her Mothers chest and covered them with my jacket. Baby was pink and let out a robust cry. Mother was amazing. Calm and confident. What an incredible experience! In an instant we arrived at the hospital...but that's a whole other story...

Vivian Keeler D.C., HBCE, CD (DONA)



Last Updated: August 17, 2012